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Matsukiyo Kitchen Detergent Lime

Matsukiyo Kitchen Detergent Lime


Matsukiyo kitchen cleaner with lemon flavor helps to clean grease stains and unpleasant odors.
Can also be used to disinfect sponges/dishwashers.
Lemon scent.

Net weight: 600ml.

  • Directions

    ● Standard usage amount:

    1.5Ml for 1L of water (1 cooking spoon is about 5Ml)

    ● Disinfect sponges/dishwashers:

    Squeeze the sponge dry, then add about 8ml of solution, let it fully absorb and wait until next use. (Not killing all bacteria)

    ● If washing vegetables and fruits, do not soak for more than 5 minutes. In case of flushing, rinse dishes and cooking utensils for more than 5 seconds, vegetables and fruits for more than 30 seconds, in case of soaking, change the water and wash more than 2 times.

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