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matsukiyo PAD FOR HALLUX VALGUS 6pcs

matsukiyo PAD FOR HALLUX VALGUS 6pcs

Protect the big toe, relieve pain caused by pressure and friction when wearing shoes.
  • Directions

    Peel off the protective sticker, stick it so that the hole in the mouth of the cushion is in the middle of the place where there is a lot of pain/rubbing when wearing shoes.
  • Other information


    Gasket: Acrylic resin

    Protective stickers: Paper

    Specifications: Night pad hole size: 12mm x 24mm

    Packing: bag of 6 pieces

    Information on warning and preservation:

    Peel off the sticker carefully so as not to tear the gasket. Do not apply directly to the site of inflammation or wound. Discontinue use in case of abnormal reaction.

    Made in Japan.

    Manufacturer: Yokoyama Seiyaku Co., Ltd. Address: 2-2-16 Aioi-cho, Akashi City, Hyogo, 673-0882 Japan


    Address: 1-8-2, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0034, Japan

    Importer and responsible for bringing products to market: MATSUMOTO KIYOSHI VIETNAM CORPORATION

    Address: 9 -9A, No Trang Long, Ward 7, Binh Thanh District, City. Ho Chi Minh

    Phone: 028.7308 8896

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