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PITTA MASK SMALL MODE (3 cái - 3 màu)

PITTA MASK SMALL MODE (3 cái - 3 màu)

Product features: Small size - Bag of 3 - 3 colors 3D mesh structure with porous filter helps to block up to 99% of dust *, pollen while still allowing ventilation and breathability. Capable of blocking 98% of UV rays with UVF 50+ index. The design is simple, delicate, hugging the face contours but still soft, does not cause ear pain even when used for a long time. Washable and reusable. * According to test results of Kaken testing center, Japan.
  • Directions

    Identify the top - bottom part of the mask and then unfold it to the sides. Pull the rope and put the mask on both ears. Gently press from top to bottom so that the mask fits snugly on your face.
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