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  1. Please check the items before leaving the cashier/store. 

  2. Product subject to exchange/return:

2.1. Exchangeable/Returnable product:

  • Defect or damage due to the fault of the manufacturer.

2.2. Unable to exchange or return in the following cases:

  • Error or damage caused by customer.

  • Items are in promotions, vouchers / coupons, points exchange (Except in the case of 2.1).


3. Conditions of the product when return/exchange (Applies to eligible product stated in Section 2.1):

  • You will return the items unused / unopened with the same quantity and packaging as the original condition.

  • Must have invoice/receipt.

  • The maximum return period time is within 7 days from the purchasing date displayed on invoice/receipt.


4. How to exchange / return goods:

  • Bringing the items directly to the store that you purchased as shown on invoice/receipt, MK will receive and process your request within the limit time (1-3 days depending on the situation incurred).


Note: This return Policy applies to purchases made at the store. For purchases and sales transactions made via e-commerce platforms, the return policy will apply according to the regulations of the e-commerce platform.

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