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1. Place of purchase:

   Customers can actively find out information and list prices of products of Matsumoto Kiyoshi at the website

   To make purchases, customers come directly at Matsumoto Kiyoshi stores in Ho Chi Minh City. Please click HERE to get the stores' address.

   In addition, customers can make purchase at Matsumoto Kiyoshi Official Store on Lazada and Shopee. Please click the below links to access our store



2. Payment method:

Currently, Matsumoto Kiyoshi provides products directly to Customers when they come to the store, so when paying, Customers will pay by cash, transfer or e-wallet applications associated with the store (website does not support online purchases and payments).

After payment, the Customer will receive a purchase invoice to compare the goods and keep the invoice for the purpose of exchange according to Matsumoto Kiyoshi's Return Policy.

3. Delivery and transportation of goods:  

Goods are delivered directly to Customers at Matsumoto Kiyoshi store.  

4. Rights and obligations of the parties:

For Matsumoto Kiyoshi:

   Ensure the supply of goods to customers
   Advice on the use, usage and other issues of the product for customers
   Support Customers in returning goods (if any) according to Matsumoto Kiyoshi's Return Policy
   Other rights and obligations as prescribed by Vietnamese law

For Customers:

   Pay bills and receive goods according to payment invoices
   Follow the store's regulations when shopping
   Other rights and obligations as prescribed by Vietnamese law


Note: This shopping guide applies to in-store purchases. For purchase and sale transactions on e-commerce platforms, the buying instructions will apply according to the regulations of the e-commerce platform.

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