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Mk 100% Young Barley Grass Powder 44 Pouches

Mk 100% Young Barley Grass Powder 44 Pouches


Net Weight: 132g

  • Directions

    Mix 1 sachet of product in 100 ml of water or milk. Stir quickly and evenly. You can add ice if you want to drink cold.

    Can take 1~2 sachets per day.

  • Preservation

    Avoid places with high temperature and humidity, avoid direct sunlight.

  • Warning

    Use the product immediately after mixing.

    Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

    Do not use expired products.

  • Other information

    Manufactured at: Yamamoto Kanpoh Pharmaceutical.Co.,Ltd.

    Address: 157, Takihigashi-machi Komaki-shi Aichi 485-0035, Japan.


    Address: 1-8-2, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0034, Japan

    Importer and responsible for bringing products to market: MATSUMOTO KIYOSHI VIETNAM CORPORATION

    Address: 9 -9A, No Trang Long, Ward 7, Binh Thanh District, City. Ho Chi Minh

    Phone: 028.7308 8896

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