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Mk Moisture Absorber With Charcoal For Shoes 6Sheets

Mk Moisture Absorber With Charcoal For Shoes 6Sheets


Ingredients: Calcium Chloride (Dihydrate), Polyacrylamide, Activated Carbon.

Specifications: Dimensions: 16.2cm x 8.0cm – Quantity: 6

  • Directions

    Open the product bag, take out the product and put it in the shoe or shoe cabinet to absorb moisture and deodorize. Note: place the white desiccant face down.

    Replace with new product when the desiccant particles in the bag turn into agar.

    Tightly zip the zip to preserve unused bags.

    Do not use while shoes are wet.

  • Warning

    Do not open the bag containing the desiccant, put the product directly in the drawer.

    The product is only for dehumidification, not for any other purpose.

    If product gets into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water several times. If accidentally swallowed, drink plenty of water. In both cases, immediately see a doctor and bring the product to receive the most accurate advice.

    If chemicals in the product get on skin, rinse thoroughly under running water. If it gets on clothes, wash it before reuse. Note, if chemicals get on metal can cause corrosion or rust if not cleaned thoroughly.

    Please do not let the product come into contact with leather products as there is a risk of discoloration or discolouration.

  • Preservation

    Store in a dry place, away from direct light, out of reach of children.

  • Other information

    Ingredients: Calcium Chloride (Dihydrate), Polyacrylamide, Activated Carbon.

    Manufacturer: Zhuhai Hermesin Enterprises Co., Ltd

    Address: Building 1, No.181, Longquan South Road, Pingsha Town, Zhuhai, China.

    Made in China.


    Address: 1-8-2, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0034, Japan

    Importer and responsible for bringing products to market: MATSUMOTO KIYOSHI VIETNAM CORPORATION

    Address: 9 -9A, No Trang Long, Ward 7, Binh Thanh District, City. Ho Chi Minh

    Phone: 028.7308 8896

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